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Use this link to get a recent distribution (passwd protected). The current release is Version 4.1. Updates to this new version include a more general system for interaction energies, revised input file format for ease of use, new parameters from ab-initio calculations and experiment and increase in algorithm efficiency for greatly increased speed. This release is only available for SRC member companies and associated University researchers. If you fall within these categories, contact Zudian Qin or Scott Dunham for the password.

LAMOCA is a kinetic lattice Monte Carlo simulator for diffusion and clustering of dopants and defects in silicon. The simulator replicates the silicon lattice structure, and mobile species (interstitials, vacancies and interstitial dopants) hop around within that system driven by both thermal excitations and interactions with neighboring defects/dopants. The key parameters for the system are isolated hopping rates for the mobile species and interaction energies between species which depend on distance as well as coordination. The rate of any possible hop is determined based on the combination of the base hopping rate and the change in energy associated with the move. Hops occur serially, with rates recalculated as needed at each step.

LAMOCA provides a link between atomic scale calculations and macroscopic behavior. The simulator can be used both to derive parameters and models appropriate for use in continuum simulations, as well as for direct simulation of process steps and device fabrication. Depending on the application, initial conditions can be based on a statistical ensemble representing the initial structure or taken directly from 3D distributions as obtained for example from Monte Carlo ion implant simulations.

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Example 3D Process Simulations Using LAMOCA of one quadrant of L=50nm MOS device

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