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Software and Demos

This page contains links for downloading software developed in the University of Washington Nanotechnology Modeling Laboratory. To download the software via ftp, simply click on the name. Note that some of the software is only available to SRC or SEMATECH members. If you would like a copy of any of this software and are not able to download it directly, contact Scott Dunham.


LAMOCA: LAttice MOnte-CArlo diffusion simulator

A kinetic lattice Monte-Carlo simulator for defect-mediated diffusion and aggregation in silicon. The system replicates the silicon lattice with vacancies, interstitials and dopants distributed on the lattice sites. Evolution of the system occurs via hops of mobile species (intersitials, vacancies and interstitial dopants). The hopping rates are determined from the change in energy associated with prospective transitions, so that the system captures atomic scale dynamics. By focusing only on the defect transitions, the simulator can be applied to the system sizes and time scales associated with deep submicron devices.

PMM/DOPDEES: Dial-an-Operator Partial Differential Equation Evaluator and Solver

A general-purpose PDE solver using the dial-an-operator approach for equation system specification. It has many nice features for solving systems of PDEs in one dimension. The code also includes "Reduced Precipitation Model," a computationally efficient model for precipitaion kinetics.

SERAPES: SprEading Resistance Analysis with Poisson Equation Solution

For more information see the manual or related publication.